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Valentines Venues

This year Valentine Day falls on a Saturday and so we imagine that there are going to be loads of Valentine Themed Weddings. And why not? Some may say its cheesy, but imagine the fun to be had! Colour wise, it's got to be red and pink -  flowers, dresses, table decoration, cake and pink or red lighting - as shown in the picture of the Criterion. It is one of our most stunning venues - history, opulence, glamour and in the heart (get it?!) of London. 

The LanghamThe Langham

Look at the lighting at the Langham in this picture - all it needs is some red centre pieces on the tables, red table cloths, pink fizz - like the image below.

valentine Valentine table decoration Fabulous Valentine Centrepiece! Valentine Table decoration

We love the idea of naming the tables after your favourite romantic couples. They don't have to have stayed together forever - because this is meant to be fun - so Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, Mr Darcy and 


Elizabeth Bennet, Jane Eyre and Mr Rochester, Napoleon and Josephine, Antony and Cleopatra…..

Ealing Town HallEaling Town Hall 

The grand Gothic Revival style hall with its hammerbeam roof effect is approached via an impressive ceremonial staircase. This room is the largest in the Town Hall and can accommodate 450 guests theatre style or 250 guests seated at round tables. With a sprung wooden floor and atmospheric lighting, it could be the perfect place to hold a Valentine Wedding Ball!

Pink tulle Valentine dress ideas

White and red so dramatic Gwen stefaniGwen Stefani's wedding dress is a massive inspiration for a Valentine Wedding


For more information on any of these romantic venues, go to their listings on the site

Ealing Town Hall

The Criterion

The Langham

A Valentine To My Wife

Accept, dear girl, this little token, 

And if between the lines you seek, 

You'll find the love I've often spoken— 

The love my dying lips shall speak. 


Our little ones are making merry 

O'er am'rous ditties rhymed in jest, 

But in these words (though awkward—very) 

The genuine article's expressed. 


You are as fair and sweet and tender, 

Dear brown-eyed little sweetheart mine, 

As when, a callow youth and slender, 

I asked to be your Valentine. 


What though these years of ours be fleeting? 

What though the years of youth be flown? 

I'll mock old Tempus with repeating, 

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